Show Love To Someone Who Probably Won’t Appreciate Or Reciprocate It

In just over weeks a time, we’ll all be bidding our final farewells to October 2013. đŸ˜„ But just because the month is drawing to a close, it doesn’t mean that operation #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable… Continue reading

Make Amends

Two weeks and two challenges later, and here we all we are in week three of the #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable campaign. October 2013, is slowly, but surely taking its bow…. Before I divulge the full… Continue reading

Just Ask!

Hey Gang! Week 1, Challenge 1 of #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable is officially done and dusted. Well done to everybody who took part! For those of you who braved it out and took the plunge how did it… Continue reading

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Happy New Month Everybody! 😀 Is it  just me, or did October just creep up on us out of nowhere?! I’ve been rather MIA recently, so firstly I’d like to apologise for the… Continue reading

Inconspicuous Influencers Full Interview! Featuring Sarah Oyeleye – Part 2

Hey Folks! Thanks for tuning into part 1. 🙂 I take it you’re back for more?

Inconspicuous Influencers: Full Interview! Featuring Sarah Oyeleye – Part 1

Who Is She? 20 something year old Foodie ~ Fitness Freak ~ Fashionista ~ and Writer. Unashamedly crazy about Jesus, Sarah uses her love of writing and sharing to spread the message of… Continue reading

Purpose…It’s Really Not That Big Of A Deal…Or Is It?

I’ll make no bones about it. Things have been pretty slow quiet in the Inconspicuous Influencers camp over the last three months or so. Life has a funny habit of getting in the way sometimes,… Continue reading

Walking away from 24.

Originally posted on hannah brencher.:
I spent my 24th birthday drugged up and crying as a dentist told me he would have to wait a week to give me a root canal.  I…

The World Needs More Anonymous Extraordinaries

As Natalie Warne so aptly puts it Anonymous Extraordinaries are by definition, “people who are motivated by conviction  rather than recognition.” Now if you’re anything like me, and you’re an unashamed sucker for words, you’ll… Continue reading

Something You Should Know…

You are PRECIOUS. In every sense of the word. Yes I’m talking about you. You, reading this post right now. Yes, you have days when you wake up in the morning and feel… Continue reading