The World Needs More Anonymous Extraordinaries

As Natalie Warne so aptly puts it Anonymous Extraordinaries are by definition, “people who are motivated by conviction  rather than recognition.”

Now if you’re anything like me, and you’re an unashamed sucker for words, you’ll pause for thirty seconds and let that linger for a bit.

When I heard Natalie say those words, I did a triple take. I was like ‘Hooold Up. Wait A Minute. Oh No She Didn’t!’ 

But Oh Yes She Did! She uttered one single sentence which has left an indelible mark on the canvas of my heart. Up until now I’m still blown away by how loaded, how powerful and how truly profound those nine words are.

For me, it was a beautiful reminder that I am not forgotten. It also spurred me on to continue chasing after the things that keep me awake at night, to keep knocking on doors and to keep fighting for the change that I want to see happen in my generation.

Two Big Little Things in particular stood out to me from Natalie’s Ted Talk:

  1. As big a deal as securing Oprah’s (not her PA’s PA), but OPRAH’s support, for a relatively low profile humanitarian campaign is, and as a big a gig as giving a talk on TED is, she categorically stated that amidst all the things that went wrong and all the things that went right, those were NOT her defining moments.
  2. With pride (the good kind) and without reservation, Natalie sang the praises of her unsung hero friends, who with just as much blood, sweat and tears, fought for the cause alongside her.

In my humble opinion, to be able to publicly do/say even one of the above speaks volumes about a persons character.

I’m physically having to stop myself from writing anymore, as I’ve already leaked a few spoilers (soz guys), but I think the message here is crystal clear. Either way, I implore you to watch the full version of Natalie’s TED Talk below.