Inconspicuous Influencers: Full Interview! Featuring Sarah Oyeleye – Part 1

Who Is She?

20 something year old Foodie ~ Fitness Freak ~ Fashionista ~ and Writer. Unashamedly crazy about Jesus, Sarah uses her love of writing and sharing to spread the message of love, truth and freedom that comes with knowing Christ, to the masses.

What Makes Her Influential?

One out of the two blogs that Sarah is the main editor of, was birthed out of her long term desire and unwavering passion to popularise the notion of true sisterhood among her female counterparts. However, she didn’t stop there. Sarah has taken things a step further and created an amazingly accessible, transparent and most importantly non-judgemental environment in the form of an online blog aimed at addressing the plethora of issues that young females face on this roller coaster journey called life, in an attempt to cultivate and nurture, strong and meaningful relationships between women.

How Is She Making Waves?

With writing being Sarah’s primary avenue through which she has been able to wield godly influence, it is no surprise that she has been able to make significant contributions to the following two blogs: and . Both blogs feature a diverse range of rich and relevant content, all of which creatively and powerfully shed light on Gods stance on  topics that stem from perfectionism to relationships and everything in between.

Watch Part 1 of the interview here: