Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Happy New Month Everybody! 😀

Is it  just me, or did October just creep up on us out of nowhere?!

I’ve been rather MIA recently, so firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts/activity on ze blog.

Secondly, I have an announcement to make. Nope sorry, I’m not engaged…yet 😉

However…I’m officially declaring October #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable month. I saw this quote somewhere a week ago and, well let’s just say that the conviction was a whole lot of things!

 “Being comfortable in your comfort zone feels great, but the problem is that nothing ever grows there.”

  • You want your self-confidence to grow? Run out of your comfort zone.
  •  You want to meet new people? Run out of your comfort zone.
  •  You want to write a book, change career, relocate or whatever the case may be, RUN (not walk or tip- toe) out of your comfort zone.

Can you tell where I’m going with this?

Comfort Zone

I’m sure you’ve caught my drift by now.

I don’t want this to be some overly hyperbolic motivational post that makes you fist pump into the air after reading it, but then by the time tomorrow comes around, you’re right back where you started – in that confining and stifling ditch. I want this to be as practical as possible, for ALL of us. Myself included.

So with that said and keeping in line with the #InconspicuousInfluencers movement, during the month of October, I will set a weekly challenge as part of the #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable campaign.  

Some will be slightly more daring than others, but the main goal of this thirty day exercise is to help get everybody out of that lackadaisical, predictable and lethally dangerous place known as the ‘comfort zone’ and into a position where we’re no longer afraid to step out and use what we have to influence the world around us, in Godly and attention grabbing ways.

So Here Goes….

Week 1, Challenge 1 : Engage a Magazine and/or Newspaper Vendor In Five Minutes Of Meaningful Conversation:  2/10/2013 – 9/10/2013

I’m talking about the people that we ordinarily/casually just walk past five days a week on our commute to and from work. Or even better yet, some of us just snatch a copy of the Evening Standard out of their hands without even taking the time to exchange a warm smile let alone say hello. I believe that these particular sets of people are important to God. He values them and their hearts matter to Him, so they should matter to us too. As we approach the winter months, they’re going to be standing outside in the blistering cold handing out free newspapers and/or magazines. The least we can do is show them some Christlike love by sparking up genuine conversation.

It doesn’t have to be anything deep. Just do your best to make sure that it’s meaningful. And if you’re feeling extra generous, you might even want to buy them a hot beverage or sandwich! But don’t feel pressured though. It’s entirely up to you and what you are being lead to do in that moment. Just be on the look out for Metro, City AM, Evening Standard, Stylist, Shortlist and Big Issue etc vendors across the city and country as you journey to and from work.

If you’re blessed enough to not have to commute to work via public transport, you can definitely still participate in this weeks challenge. Why not go and have lunch with the caretaker or cleaner at your place of work. At first, the thought of it may seem rather daunting (even a tad awkward if I’m honest), but carrying out small, random acts of kindness for people who;

A) least expect it

B) least deserve it

is what being an Inconspicuous Influencer is all about!

So ermm…yeah. That’s pretty much it for week one people.

I’ll certainly be sharing my progress with y’all. But since we’re all doing this together, I’d REALLY like to know how you are all getting on. So don’t hold back! Please feel free to post any pictures and/or videos, and the like up on your various social media channels and don’t forget to include the #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable hashtag.

Until next week, Happy Influencing!  xYx