Just Ask!

Hey Gang!

Week 1, Challenge 1 of #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable is officially done and dusted.

Well done to everybody who took part!

For those of you who braved it out and took the plunge how did it go? Who did you speak to and what did you end up chatting about? I’d love to know, so please feel free to share your experiences (good or bad not so good) in the comments box below.

Well today marks the start of Week 2, Challenge 2- 9/10/13 – 15/10/13 : JUST ASK!!

You Have Not, Because You Ask Not...

I have a confession to make. The last seven days have been a whirlwind of emotions for me. Within the space of a few days, I literally went from bubbling over with uncontrollable excitement to crashing down with the bruises of yet another disappointment . And the truth is, as much as I know and truly believe that I will walk in and experience the fullness of the promise that God outlines for me in Romans 8:28, I’ve had a real tough time bouncing back from the series of events that I encountered last week. So much so, that I even entertained the ridiculous idea of calling this whole thing off because I felt so discouraged AND because I was really struggling to come up with a suitable challenge.

Until this afternoon, when God just dropped it in my spirit. All week I had been asking God to give me an idea for the next challenge; something that would not only force people out of their comfort zones but also stretch them beyond their present capabilities. In the back of my mind I was secretly hoping that God would download one sort of crazy sexy cool task into my brain that would instantly prove to be a massive hit with the masses and blah, blah, blah. However one thing I’ve learnt about God as I journey along this faith walk with Him, is that He is just as much a God of the spectacular and supernatural, as He is a God of the simple.

The art of asking is probably one of the simplest and most frequent activities that we find ourselves having to do on a daily basis, yet it’s also the thing that so many of us (myself included) secretly (or not so secretly 😉 ) dread doing. The absolute worst thing that could happen, is that we’re told no. And if that’s the case, then fine – onto the next one.

However, we millennials seem to have cultivated this unhealthy habit of allowing the fear of rejection, looking stupid, feeling humiliated and another one hundred and one reasons, to cripple us to the point of not going for the best that God has in store for us. Let’s face it, things aren’t the same as they were forty, even fifty years ago where if you were over zealous, too eager or just downright audacious you were perceived as being brash, tactless and possibly even ill-mannered.

I thank God that today, things are a lot different. We live in a world where things are in fact the complete opposite. I’m sure you’ve all heard the slightly over used saying; ‘If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get.’ As harsh as it sounds, that’s just the way it is. And not only do you miss out on new opportunities, amazing experiences and life changing friendships, but the brave so and so that comes along a few moments after you’ve chickened out of asking, gets to enjoy what could have so easily been yours!

I love the way The Message translation of Matthew 7:7 puts it; “Don’t bargain with God, be direct. Ask for what you need.”

So if you haven’t worked it out by now this weeks challenge is a very simple, yet effective way of helping you to #Getcomfortablebeinguncomfortable. This week I dare you to ASK! Ask Boldly. Ask Audaciously. Ask Unapologetically. Ask Wisely. 

I’m aware that the underlying message of this post will mean one hundred different things to one hundred different people, but whatever it means to you don’t limit yourself. Maybe you’ve been thinking about asking for a promotion or a raise at work. Or maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of asking someone you admire to mentor you. Or maybe you’ve been looking for someone to collaborate with on a new project and you haven’t yet plucked up the courage to ask them if they would be interested in partnering with you….

You know what to do. The writing’s on the wall.

As per, I’d really like to know how you all get on so please keep me posted! 🙂

Love & Light,