Inconspicuous Influencers: Claud Williams

  Who Is He? Photographer ~ Aspiring Entrepreneur ~ Budding Creative. All three are passions that Claud also popularly known as ‘Mr Cosmic’ discovered, developed and deployed while studying full-time at Loughborough University.… Continue reading

My Dabble Into The World Of Digital

Team Digital Officially the craziest, funniest and simply the bestest team. Right from the word go I felt like I was part of this weird and whacky close knit family. They were warm,… Continue reading

365 Days Later – What Life After University Has Taught Me So Far

Last summer a good friend of mine wrote her first book titled ‘What They Don’t Tell You About University’ . A simple student friendly guide for prospective first time freshers filled with helpful advice… Continue reading

Who Is She?

Introducing myself to an audience of unfamiliar faces is one of those terrifying situations that I’ve been ducking and diving from, like the deadliest of plagues for pretty much most of my life.… Continue reading