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Right Here, Right Now

Recently I’ve started to rediscover the importance of making the most out of every moment. With only three weeks of 2012 left, I’m really set on maximising every precious moment that I have and making it count for something significant, for His glory and for my growth.

The greatest moment you have is THIS one right here, right now. So soak up all that it has to offer, because you won’t get it back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

I’ve also discovered that our best moments tend to become our fondest and warmest memories.

Now Is All You Have.

Now Is All You Have.

Like the moment we learn to embrace solitude, and appreciate how truly refreshing it is to be alone sometimes and just think, laugh, eat, create or even dare I say it – enjoy the sweet and calming sound of silence.

Or the moment we begin to feel comfortable and free in the company of people of whom we may have made wrong  first impressions.

Or that brief moment of bravery when we let our guards down and realise that vulnerability is a beautiful and liberating thing, with the power to birth some of our most meaningful relationships.

Each moment that we’re given is waiting to be filled with an experience, big or small, that will draw us closer to God and make us more like him. So capture your moments, every single one of them. Live them out and make them count. 🙂