They Call Her Yejendary

Why am I here?

To make Jesus famous. It’s really just as simple as that. But for those of you who like a bit of detail, I intend to use this platform to beam rays of Christlike light into the dark and dangerous places. I may not have access to the people who reside in such places, but as long as they have as much as a dial-up connection and happen to stumble upon on this site, they can take a gander in this space and encounter different expressions of the greatest gift on earth ~ Love.

How do I plan to use ‘just another WordPress site’ to do all the of the above?

I don’t. This space is just one of various other outlets that I’ll be utilising to share my Big Little Things with you all, in the hope that you will able to appreciate and value the lesson that can be extracted from any life experience no matter how BIG or small.  From time to time I’ll also be sharing bite sized pieces of inspiration and encouragement on a range of random subjects that I feel will spread a little love, light and laughter.

Sorry, We Didn’t Quite Catch Your Name…

My full name is Yetunde Aderonke Afolabi which was given to me by my beloved grandparents on both sides. But for as far back as I can remember family, friends and loved ones have called me by my abbreviated name ~ Yetty ~. I’ve grown to become more than accustomed to it as well as the plethora of questions that usually follow after I’ve introduced myself to a group of strangers. But I don’t mind as I often secretly enjoy watching the fascination gradually build up on their faces as I school them on the meaning of and background to my name ;-).

‘Yejendary’ on the other hand derives from my longest surviving nickname: ‘Yej’. Initially I wasn’t very fond of it, in fact I really disliked it. However shortly before I became a devout member of the Twitterati , I struggled to come up with a quirky/catchy twitter handle. A few sleepless nights later, Yejendary was born.

Hailing from the lecture halls of Loughborough University, I am a twenty-something years young and counting, London born and London bred Yoruba female. I love and am tremendously proud of my Naija Britico heritage. Confession: Sometimes I pretend to be half Ghanian by blood, when truthfully I can only claim that dual nationality by association. But in my heart of hearts I’m content, because I know I’ve got cultural roots embedded in the best of both worlds ;-).

Branding Is The Game, Significance Is The Aim.

I’m crazy passionate about helping individuals build compelling, cutting edge and memorable brands for themselves and their businesses. Brands that stand out and stand up for something significant. For far too long, the world has been overdosed with ideals that celebrate and elevate shallowness and superficiality. Enough already. My beginnings may be small but I won’t despise them. My efforts may go unnoticed but I won’t let it phase me. Starting by being the change that I want to see, I’m on a mission to unveil a new league of brands, brands of substance and significance.

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things….

Besides personal branding and all that jazz, other things that make me tick include the following:

  • Words. I am an avid lover of words and a secret admirer of true wordsmiths. Lock me up in a room with a captivating and imaginative storyteller and I’ll have the time of my life. I also have a long term love for Performance poetry.
  •  City living: I’m London bound for now but I plan to leave indelible sand and snow prints in the shape of hearts, across all four continents. London is an incredible city full of so many hidden gems, a hub for creativity and boiling pot of inspiration, there’s nowhere else that I’d rather call home.
  • Song singing and music as a whole. Buskers are the real deal, Coldplay still haven’t grown on me and I’m an undercover songstress. I sing to express pleasure, escape pain and to elevate my creator. “Sometimes there won’t be a song in your heart, sing anyway”. ~ My music mantra.
  • What can I say, I love my food. Being the greedy adventurous foodie that I am; restaurant hopping.
  • Live performance going; whether it’s the theatre, a concert or an underground gig, as long as there’s an abundance of adrenalin pumping performances, mind blowing talent, magical moments, good vibes and great people, I’ll be there!

So ermm…yeah, I guess that’s my life story me in a nutshell.

Smooches, smoothies and six part harmonies,